How Much Will It Cost Me To Hire A Container?

Like all products if you buy lots you can get them cheaper. The more weeks you hire a container for, the less you would expect to pay per week.

A 20ft container can cost you £20 per week or more. This would be for a very short period, but for a longer period say 12 months or more it could be for as little as £8 per week. Always discuss with your agent prices related to length of hire required.

Remember, you will be charged for the delivery and the collection - hire from an agent as near as possible to your intended site.

If the container becomes damaged whilst in your possession - you will be charged to have it repaired. If you give it back in a dirty condition, you will be charged to have it cleaned.


10ft single door with shelving

Onsite toiletsMini mains toilet.


Secure site office.