How secure are shipping containers?

Shipping containers in themselves are not secure items. They are simply metal boxes for transporting goods and when loaded are stored in custom bonded secure depots. For static secure storage they will require if not already fitted a lock box.

This is a two-part assembly welded to the left and right hand doors. The right hand encapsulates the padlock, which is only accessed from underside, and when the doors are closed locates over the staple on the left hand door.

The padlock operates a shoot bolt into the staple and the key is operated from the underside of the padlock.

This prevents easy access to an otherwise exposed padlock and has proven very successful in reducing theft from the casual opportunist.

The padlocks recommended are of the shutter type and are manufactured by CISA the padlock size and no is 28550-75 and are readily available from good locksmiths or your container supplier.

Other manufacturers of similar type can be used.
Lock box
Lock box and staple
CISA padlock is fitted from underside

CISA padlock locates from underneath
CISA padlock
The Padlocks are usually the Shutter lock style and CISA supply a very good one which has insurance approval.
CISA padlock key is accessed from underside